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Why use a professional inventory company?

An inventory is a concise and detailed list of the contents, accessories and accessories of a house, apartment or office that is rented. This includes everything from carpets and curtains to all furniture (if furnished). An inventory provides a clear and concise snapshot of the property when completing the inventory with digital photographs provided to support the report. The inventory must be carried out by a third party, an independent inventory specialist, otherwise it will be considered partial and will not be presented to a court when it is necessary to trust it.

"With approximately 50% of all lease termination issues in dispute, and the owner is granted 100% of the deposit in only 18% of those cases."

There is no legal requirement for an independent company to perform inspections on a property. However, an inventory and a condition schedule of a property at check-in is vital evidence to show the condition and cleanliness of the property at the beginning of a lease. When the lease ends, it is this document that compares the output report. Therefore, it is very important that both documents are as accurate as possible and that their content is clear for all to see.
Some owners produce very complete reports that are impartial and accurate. However, our experience of our work in handling disputes shows that many are not. Sometimes it is very difficult for homeowners who probably have an emotional attachment to the property to be objective about the condition or cleanliness.
Sometimes, agents assume this role, but again, although their clients are owners and tenants, in practice, it is not always easy to be impartial. Nor is it a profitable option when you have to send staff for time-consuming inventories, when your time could be better spent elsewhere in the business.
The use of a professional and independent inventory company eliminates any risk of things not being reported correctly. Therefore, it is best for the landlord, the tenant (s) and the agents to hire an independent professional inventory company.
Are you renting your property?

Have you charged a deposit from your tenant who will do so in case of damage or unpaid rent?

In this case, it is advisable to make an inventory of your property before someone moves.

An independent and impartial employee or expert of the Property Inventory can provide you with a professionally compiled service that includes an entry report, an inventory, an exit report or an interim inspection, which means you must be covered when it comes to making deductions of the deposit at the end of tenure.

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