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Why a great showcase is vital to your company's bottom line

It can be difficult to find large commercial real estate, but you can be sure that it is worth waiting for. Retail real estate that is well configured, in a favorable and affordable location can dramatically increase the end result of your store. The more profitable your company is, the better it will be not only for you, but also for your employees and the local economy.

Showcase "well configured"

A well configured store is clean and well organized. It must be large enough for the merchandise you plan to sell, or (alternatively) offer enough office space for those you plan to use. Stores that are crowded or dirty are instantly unpleasant for potential customers, and often leave without buying anything, sometimes even if they really need it.

A good screen in the front window, which shows the best of your merchandise or relevant materials related to your services, will help attract customers. It also helps keep the area well lit and cozy. The exception to this rule may be when less light attracts your target demographic better, such as Hot Topic stores.

Favorable location

Commercial real estate that is in a favorable location can be even harder to find than one that offers your company enough space to do business. Patience is key here, however, because there is nothing more important than location. You may have the best products in the world, but it won't matter a bit if nobody can see them.

The best location will be one that is centralized to your target audience. It must be located near a well-traveled road or in a shopping center that receives a lot of sponsorship. For your convenience, it helps if the store is not far from where you live. Maintaining the travel distance within an hour will make the building more accessible to you.


What is considered affordable for your company will depend on your unique situation. However, as a general rule, you want the mortgage or rental of your retail real estate to be as below your potential income as possible. The higher the construction costs, the less benefits your company will obtain. If you can buy or rent a property for less than fifty percent of your total projected income, you have done well.

When making your calculations, make sure you have taken into account other business expenses, such as materials, products, payroll and public services. If these, added to the possible cost of the store, represent more than 80% of your projected income, then you will not get any substantial benefit. Without a substantial profit, your company cannot succeed.

Finding the perfect commercial property for your company can take a lot of time, patience and energy, but it is certainly worth it. The potential for greater profit return is crucial to success, and a large store will allow your company to do just that. Just remember that you need a well-configured store in a favorable location that is affordable for your unique financial situation.

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