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What is a server and how does it work?

To start simply, a server is something that serves, it can be in the form of serving you by sending a message to your friend on WhatsApp or chatting with a colleague on Facebook, all this is done on a server. Servers are the backbone of the internet and our lives. From making a banking transaction through some applications to playing a game, everything is done through servers. For example, when you send an email through Gmail, you are working on Google servers that make sure your email reaches the recipient and also saves your emails and data for as long as you want. Now there are general servers such as WhatsApp servers where several users work and then there are dedicated servers that are used for specific purposes by a single user, but the use of dedicated servers has a cost and, unlike WhatsApp, it cannot be used freely .

Now you have also heard that the servers are falling or that the servers are not working properly, that may be because there are more users who use or work at the same time, which creates a load on the server and in turn reduces speed of servers and takes longer to load. As it often happens that a banking website is hung and cannot carry out its transaction, it is because there are too many users using that server at that time or a poor quality server. To combat these problems, larger companies always make sure to use servers with a high and high-end configuration so that the work of their users is not hindered. As rarely happens, the Google website hangs even when an unprecedented number of users use them, that is because the servers that Google uses are of high quality and very good configuration that work without problems even after the increase in the number of users

So, to understand it in a nutshell, servers are the reason why you can send emails, order food online, chat on WhatsApp, browse Facebook and everything you can do on the Internet. In the end, I would like to mention that servers are one of the most important inventions of the modern world and the proper functioning of servers is necessary for the proper functioning of our daily activities and has become a necessity for humanity for survival.

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