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Learn more about lung cancer

This type of cancer is diagnosed between 45 and 60 years of age. People who drink tobacco, drink alcohol, smoke and ingest other types of drugs are more prone to lung cancer. In general, this type of cancer is diagnosed in the late stage. The body shows symptoms such as acute back pain that begins in the middle region of the back and migrates to the chest, hoarse voice, constant cough, mild fever and loss of voice. People think they are suffering from the flu or the flu, which takes time to recover.

If you encounter such symptoms, do not try to associate this health disorder with a normal health disorder, which can be cured by taking the medication. The first step you should do is go to the CT-Scan. Computed tomography is a special type of x-ray test that can scan the human body completely and produce a cross-sectional image of it, which helps facilitate diagnosis. The result of the test helps the specialist go further for treatment.

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells within the body; These cells are composed in their multiple, and their multiplication affects several nearby organs. This is how the cancer cell divides from one part of the body to other parts. This disease is curable, but after the CT-Scan test, if the result is positive, you should visit the health care provider as soon as possible. The oncologist after identifying the stage of lung cancer will begin with radiation therapy, chemotherapy or, at some point, both are required. Surgical treatment is done very rarely in this type of cancer because the specialist can operate the lungs, but sometimes a lung transplant is suggested, which is not everyone's cup of tea.

There are many people fighting for their life. They retreat to receive treatment due to the low financial budget. Life is an important gift from God, one must not go back to serve it. There are several affordable medical tourism companies, which have the connection to the certified and reliable hospital. The company that provides medical tourism for people located all over the world takes care of the patients each and every one of the requirements. You will be connected to the best oncologist, who has a decade of experience in the healing of cancer in its advanced stage. So do not hesitate to contact them to cure this disease, from its roots, within your stipulated pocket budget.

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