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4 factors that impact the future of real estate

Since nobody has a crystal ball, there will always be a significant degree of uncertainty when trying to predict and forecast the future and trends, when it comes to the real estate market, etc. Although past trends are significant and important to understand, we must also recognize that we live in an evolving world and, everything from how homes are marketed (especially digital / Internet considerations), to the widespread, almost, historically low , mortgage interest rates differ from what has been seen and experienced in the past. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, 4 factors that could likely affect the future of real estate.

1. Supply and demand: An element, which has always been relevant, and still is, is the idea and concept of Supply and Demand. When there is more supply (houses available in the market, than qualified buyers), than demand (buyers, proactively, looking for a house, to buy), house prices are stressed and often fall. On the other hand, when the opposite occurs, prices generally move up. Housing prices and prices are, in general, fluid, and, either, Buyer Markets or Seller Markets, often come and go, quickly and regularly!

2. Funds available: there are occasions, when credit institutions follow, stricter guidelines and, others, when money is weaker. This creates, when they require higher or lower credit requirements, to lend and finance a house. In addition, depending on the general conditions, there may be, more or less, qualified buyers. When money is more available, lenders may require lower down payments, which means that people often request a larger amount of loan capital.

3. Occupational safety / optimism: the more confident and potential buyers are and feel, and if they believe there will be a prolonged and positive labor market, it often determines how many people are considered potential. Buyers When there are fewer buyers, this creates lower housing prices, etc.

4. Local, regional and national economic conditions: Economic conditions often dictate and determine the behavior and performance of the real estate market! Although, global and national economic conditions are important, regional and local factors, strengths, weaknesses, trends, etc., are often even more relevant. When consumer confidence is high and potential buyers believe, positive things will continue, the real estate market benefits!

Both professional real estate agents, as well as potential owners and buyers, benefit, when they understand better, as many relevant factors as possible. Smart buyers and sellers, hire someone to help them direct them, understand the best courses of action and opportunities.

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